Florals with Geometric Vase by Mary Finlayson


"Florals with Geometric Vase"
Gouache on Canvas with Maple Frame
24 x 20 Inches | 25 x 21 Inches, Framed


Mary Finlayson’s paintings are a celebration of color, pattern and form which navigate themes of home, memory, and self. Flattening the perspective of each scene, her works provide an intimate glimpse into each curated space. Her interiors pay homage to the iconic works of David Hockney, Henri Matisse, and Stuart Davis by borrowing similar bright color palettes, repetitive patterns and forms simplified, yet still creating complex, tightly constructed compositions unique to her own style.

Her works evoke the memory of place—often a departure from what is real. The vivid use of color and energetic line enliven emotional responses to otherwise ordinary, mundane, private settings. Her background as an artist is in both painting and printmaking with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Queen's University, a Graduate Degree in Art Therapy from the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute as well an Arts Education Degree from the University of British Columbia. Mary Finlayson lives and works in San Francisco.